Database is Busy/locked

CouchbaseLiteException (LiteCoreDomain / 16): database is locked.

In Windows Forms Application, we are using Couchbase.Lite community edition v2.7.1 .NET SDK
The above error is occurring in PushAndPull Replicator. Please help me to solve this issue?
How to unlock database ?

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@venkatreddy, Are you trying to access the database or deleting the database? this happens when you try to delete the database and when replication is still continuing

@sridevi.saragadam No, Am not deleting database. just accessing database. Some documents will update continuously and PushAndPull replicator is always in running

Hi @venkatreddy,
Can you provide more info? Code snippet to repro the issue and logs to show the issue you are describing?

@Sandy_Chuang Actually, the problem rising randomly. we can not reproduce it.
why this database locked issue will arise?

And what logs do you need ? couchbase logs ?

Hi @venkatreddy
Yes CBL logs. Along with logs, please also provide us the description/steps that cause the issue happened would be helpful.
So far we know you are not deleting the db while replication is still going. What about other actions, say close the db while replication is still going? or?