Debugging events for dockerized Couchbase


I’m running my dev Couchbase in Docker container. I was trying to debug but constantly get error:

“Debugging connection was closed. Reason: WebSocket disconnected. Reconnect when ready by reopening DevTools”

The Url in the Chrome looks like chrome-devtools://devtools/bundled/js_app.html?experiments=true&v8only=true&ws= and the port every time is different. So I’m not sure which ports to open.

Can you please advise what to do with this issue?


Hi josh21,

Which build are you using? A bug was fixed recently that ensures debugger always uses a fixed port, typically port 9140 after MB-28555 was fixed - however, you need a recent build to obtain this. If you let us know which OS version you are testing on, @venkat may be able to provide you with a patch to bring in this fix for you for testing purposes.


I’m using Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS with couchbase:5.5.1 docker image.

Thanks in advance

Josh21 - you’d need to upgrade to 6.0.0 beta build (which will soon be available GA) and apply a patch on top to get this. Please confirm you can uninstall old 5.5.1 and install 6.0.0 beta build and @venkat will provide either the necessary patch on top of 6.0.0 beta installer (or a full installer with patch included) for Ubuntu 16.04.5