Default underlying protocol for .Net Client



I wanted to understand what is the default underlying protocol which the .Net Client uses to communicate with the Couchbase server?

I believe to get the cluster information the client makes use of a REST based call.

But for the other API methods - Get, Update, Remove, etc, does the client use TCP or does it use HTTP to hit the Couchbase server?

Also, is the same protocol used for both the Couchbase and Memcached buckets?



Hello Sunil,

As you said, the creation of the connection to the cluster starts with some REST calls to get the topology of the cluster, so the protocol in this case it HTTP.

Once the connection is created the client is connected to all the nodes of the cluster using a TCP connection, and the protocol that is used to do all the core operations: get/set/delete/… is the Memcached Protocol.
When you are creating a Query to call a view, the protocol is in this case HTTP/REST.

If you really want to dive into the internals of Couchbase protocol, you can: