DefaultOrphanResponseReporter : Orphan responses observed



I’ve just updated my Spring Boot application to v 2.1.0 a Couchbase server to v6.0.0. Now, every 30 seconds I’ve got this warning:

2018-11-05 16:55:02.724  WARN 1151 --- [cb-orphan-1] c.c.c.c.t.DefaultOrphanResponseReporter  : Orphan responses observed: [{"top":[{"r":"","s":"view","c":"1FD2078F1B46396D/FFFFFFFFACEE92B2","l":""}],"service":"view","count":1}]

What does it mean?


That is from the new Response Time Observability feature underlying the Java SDK. It would seem to indicate that you have view requests which are timing out, but eventually received later. Somewhere else in your app, something is timing out.

Have a look at the documentation for details.

It’d be worth investigating what the timeout is impacted by. You might be able to add resources/change your view request (stale=update_after instead of stale=false) to avoid the timeout or if it’s just a lot of work, increase the timeout value.

In any case, it’s indicative of an issue elsewhere in your app. The client is getting a response from the cluster, but the thread of execution that requested it has moved on.


I have only three views and there isn’t any read activity.

Server is mostly idle but warnings keep showing.