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I have a website where it accepts an email address from users and will store it for mailing list.

Is it practical to store it on 1 document per email or 1 document to hold all emails? (I’m aware of the limit size of document)


Hi @nacion.emelson,

Either one will work. I don’t know enough about how you plan to query/read your data back out. Without knowing more detail, I’d recommend storing them in separate documents.

Potentially, you could use Eventing to store them both ways if necessary (e.g. when a document is inserted into a new document, create an eventing function to add it to the ‘one big’ document too).

I stored it separately. I’m afraid to reach the capacity size of document. I will just show the data on a table and has a feature to export it.

Btw, eventing service is not available on the version I’m using. (5.0)

Thank you for response @matthew.groves.

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There is another way, just that you can store it by type.
type = yahoo
type = gmail
type = msn


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