Disabling GUEST user generates warning when starting sync gateway


Whenever I start sync gateway (SG v1.1.0) I see this warning:
2015-07-15T14:37:47.130Z WARNING: The GUEST user is the only user defined in the ‘’ database, but is either disabled or has no access to any channels. This means that you will not be able to get useful data out of the sync gateway over the standard port. FIX: enable and/or grant access to the GUEST user to channels via the admin_channels parameter. – rest.emitAccessRelatedWarnings() at server_context.go:566

We have many users defined in our database though, and have never had any issues with them accessing data. By users I mean I can get their information by going to http://server:4985/<db name>/_user/<user id>
Is this warning referring to some other type of user?


By default, the GUEST account is disabled and has no access to channels for security reasons. It’s a message to let you know that pull/push replications as the GUEST user (i.e. not logged in) may not return the data you are expecting. But in your case, it’s fine because you’re logging users in to replicate the data :).



This looks like an error in the warning handling - I’ve filed https://github.com/couchbase/sync_gateway/issues/992. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

You can either ignore the error for now, or remove the GUEST user from your config entirely. As James points out - the GUEST user is disabled by default, so you don’t need to explicitly set it as disabled in your config. That will also avoid this warning.