Disparity in Query Capabilities on Couchbase Lite 2.0 and Couchbase Server

Is there any document that lists the difference of Query capabilities on CBL 2.0 and the server? So far we figured out things like while subquery is allowed on the server it is not on the mobile side.

Thanks in advance!

No, we do not that documented at this time.

This wiki page has a pretty comprehensive description of what queries can do, although it’s expressed in the underlying JSON schema that Couchbase Lite Core uses. (CBL’s query API ends up generating this JSON and sending it to LiteCore.)

Just curious, is there any plan to expose the CBL API that takes the queries constructed in these JSONs directly?

Curious - Why would you want that ? The native platform APIs is intended to provide a language idiomatic , fluent interface around this …

Probably not, though it could be useful to allow queries to be serialized/archived, where the serialized form would happen to contain the JSON in it. Perhaps combined with a query-builder tool that produces such blobs. Then you could ship the query as a resource in your app and save a bit of code.

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That’s a nifty suggestion :slight_smile:

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