DllNotFoundException: LiteCore (Couchbase Lite v2.0.0-db022) iOS in VS for Mac


I am seeing the same behavior with the project you sent and my analysis is that Xamarin iOS 11.8 is not signing the dylib file anymore during the build process (change from 11.6). That is causing the linker to reject it when its load is attempted at runtime. I downloaded 11.10 from the beta channel and it also works fine, so I guess this is just an 11.8 regression. There is an open ticket that was just resolved involving code signing, so that may be related. In any event, I guess the answer is just to avoid 11.8.


Filed this issue just so that Xamarin is aware.


Thanks for your help Jim!


And FWIW - wanted to quickly add that I now observe issue even on travel sample app (contradicting what I had indicated yesterday). For whatever reason, it wasn’t picking up the 11.8 xamarin version despite what the “About” claimed what installed. I restarted the VS and clean rebuild and observed the same.


Xamarin.iOS, found here:
solves the problem, as posted by Alex Sato over at Xamarin.


Thanks for sharing! I’ve also confirmed that this works.