Do couchbase support queries like postgres


I am considering couchbase as a database in one of my project which has considerable spatial data, but my concern is that do couchbase support geo-spatial queries like postgres, I mean function such as STBUFFER, ENVELOPE.

@mustanish ,

Back in my SQL/MySQL server days.

VERSION 1. I use to create my own radial lookups in my SQL themselves queries. Performance was ok until the circle was very large big.

VERSION 2. A query with a square box bounding query and created circle using sin() & cos() functions inside the box and every thing inside the circle the query returned.

VERSION 3/4. But later I started leveraging ElasticSearch + geo coding methods …
Link here:
So the idea was converting lat/long data to a geo coding method that is easy to query and index based by usage.

So this might be a good use case for CB-FTS if you can make it an easy boarding bonding problem.

@mschoch … thoughts?

@househippo Thank you for replying, but thing is that we were using PostgreSQL earlier and want something that could fit our need.I have rewritten most our code using couchbase but their are some part with which I am stuck, because this is a map application and their will be some geo-spatial queries like thing around particular lat lng and stuff like that…any thoughts?

We have some new geo functionality in FTS that might meet some of your needs. The feature is limited to indexing points, and performing bounding box and point-distance searches on those points. Also, this particular feature in FTS is still developer preview, so you may run into some rough edges.

That being said, this not a full replacement of postgres geo-spatial capabilities.