Do we have stored procedure in Couchbase i dont want to write N1QL inline query in my code

Hi is there any way i can write my function in Couchbase and invoke that from code .NET SDK.
Ex- Search a city by postal code without writing inline N1QL query just invoke stored procedure and pass postal code as parameter and we should get the city.

Hi @kumas16,

The closest thing to that right now in Couchbase is probably User-Defined Functions (UDFs). You can try these out in the 6.5 beta release of Couchbase Server, but please note that this is a Developer Preview feature only.

You can implement it via INLINE functions, released in Couchbase 6.5 (dev-preview)

For production cases, you can also PREPARE a statement with the actual code as a parameter and execute that statement with various bind values.

Can we pass bind values dynamically to prepare statement for ex-
PREPARE select meta().id,adP2dNa,p1dNa FROM TEST WHERE adPriPslCd = ‘75038’
is there any way i can pass adPriPslCd dynamically from code using .NET SDK? if yes could you please share the code snippet for the same.

Checkout Couchbase 6.5, currently in Beta. This is a developer preview feature now: