Do you have any metrics for replication performance to mobile devices?


We need some help describing the limitations of the replication to mobile devices. Has the Couchbase Mobile platform put together any performance numbers on replication between devices and sync gateway/server.

Any information will help us respond to issues like this will be helpful

imported a lot (~500 MB, maybe around 768,000 documents) of data into my instance of Predix Mobile. It seems as though I’m getting a replication speed of only around 10 changes/second using the Electron client on initial sync, with each document being around 760 bytes. I can understand that it would take a bit of time to handle of that, but it’s going over an hour and a half and it’s only pulled down around 96MB (and growing) as indicated by the SQLite cache for Couchbase Lite at “%APPDATA%\Predix Mobile - Desktop\pm-data\db\\ajd_ge_com\pm\db\pm.cblite2”. While it’s doing this, the client is only showing the “Loading…” spinner with no other indicator of activity other than if I enabled the console debugging output. Is this expected behavior/performance? Thank you!