Do you know any UWP Couchbase.Lite "Hello World"?



Do you know any Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Couchbase.Lite “Hello World” code sample ?

I have tried to adapt parts of travel-sample to UWP but I was not successful. I am looking for the simplest way to start using Couchbase.Lite in UWP. A Hello World would be perfect, but any other UWP code that uses Couchbase.Lite also is fine.

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What do you mean adapt them to UWP? The travel sample app already has a UWP version.


Sorry, of course it does. I’ve made a mistake.

Anyway , why is the session closing started using a hack in BookmarkedHotelPage.OnParentSet instead of this being done in App.OnSuspending() ?

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There wasn’t a lot of work put into the backgrounding behavior of the various platforms so the answer to most questions like this is “because that’s the way it is” basically. It’s not a single source of truth about how to do specific tasks like handing background transitions, etc, and more of an introduction to how you can use Couchbase Logic to aid a business logic scenario.