Document size limitation

Hello, I am not able to add more details to my document via couchbase portal as well as through api.
Below is my document’s approximate size:

document size: 600kb
lines: 27000
total characters:614386

When I edit the document in the portal and add some data, it would not save, kindly suggest a solution.

Hey @thanigaivelan_u

The maximum document size for Couchbase is 20 megabytes. What error did you get on writing?

When I add more data from cb portal I get below error and then it will not save the pasted data.
“Difficulties communicating with the cluster. Displaying cached information.”

See screenshot.

Community Edition 5.0.1 build 5003
0 remote clusters
0 replications
only one node - hosting all services
3 buckets
total disk used is 400MB
items: 74.8 K/0
Last 30 days: avg cpu utilization: less than 20% avg free ram: 6GB

As I recall, the console UI is intentionally limited in size to ensure a good UX. @mikew or @eben would be able to tell you for certain. The “Logs” link on the left might have some more info on what “Difficulties communicating” are.

If you’re looking to edit large documents and you don’t want to write a program to do so, have a look at the cbc utilities included when you install libcouchbase. This will let you cbc cp the document as a file to your local system, then use a regular editor and copy it back to the system.

A blog on this from some time ago is here:

Full docs are either in the included man page or in the API reference.

In release 5.5 of Couchbase we introduced a newer version of the document editor which supports documents up to 1MB.