DocumentChangeListener and LiveQuery are exclusive?



Hi !

I don’t know if this is a bug or if their is a reason for that or maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong but it seems that when I had a DocumentChangeListener binded to a document that is part of one of my LiveQueries, my LiveQuery is “broken”. I mean I’m not notified any more for this specific document.

First I couldn’t figured out why my LiveQuery wasn’t working as usual. Than I tried to remove my DocumentChangeListener and it works perfectly. I repeated this action 4 times to be sure the DocumentChangeListener was the cause of my problem and it seems so.

Does someone has already faced this kind of issue? Or is it a normal behavior? What should I do to have both working (LiveQuery & DocumentChangeListener).

Thank you for your answers !


What platform/language?


Sorry forgot to mention it : Android (Java).


Any idea if this is a known bug, @hideki?


Nothing was wrong with couchbase. I didn’t called some stuff on the UI thread and I didn’t see that the error log (why didn’t I see them? I really don’t know).

So sorry for this waste of time and thank you for your concern.