Does Couchbase use Sqlite in 2017?

Im running through the Couchbase mobile tutorial here. The WPF app creates a db.sqlite file. Is this correct? I was under the impression Couchbase had its own proprietary db.


Per documentation, SQLite is one of the underlying storage types (ForestDB being the other).

Would like to add that support for ForestDB will be removed in Couchbase Mobile 2.0 . CBM 2.0 will include big performance improvements with SQLite.
This is the deprecation note:

So if you are using 1.4, I would recommend using SQLLite as the underlying storage engine so the move to 2.0 is seamless.
Alternatively , if you are just starting out, you can try out CBM 2.0.
Developer Builds of Couchbase 2.0 are available for download .

Another comment to add here. SQLite is used as an underlying engine, but for the most part a developer should not be concerned with this. CBL does not use SQLite the same way you would if you were using it directly. If you want to get an idea of the inner workings, it can be interesting to look at the actual db files. You’ll see much of what’s there has to do with meta-data.