Does enabling compression on the SDK limit ability of building indexes?

Since the object is now stored in binary compressed format would we still be able to run queries or build indexes? I think the answer is no but there is no reference in the documentation that doing this would prevent users from using those features so I’m a bit confused.

Compression of the values is always SDK specific, so neither Server, nor other SDK are not expected to uncompress the value of the compressed document, as its type marked as private in this case. So the server sees compressed value as BLOB.

Thanks avsej, so its safe to assume that changing the encoder will do as well. I guess bottom line is the only way to actually allow indexes or n1ql operations is to store raw json objects.

You are right. If you use default Json encoder. You can be sure that all Jason services will read the data. But it does not mean that custom encoders are useless.