Does Go SDK support memcached type bucket now?


Check the old post, said it’s not supported in 2015, 2 years past, is it OK now?

If now, how can I make development by Go for the memcached type bucket?


Hey @billychb,

Memcached buckets should be fully supported. You can connect to them just like you would a Couchbase bucket. Note that Memcached buckets have a restricted number of supported operations and using operations which are not supported will cause an error to be returned.

Cheers, Brett


Hi Brett,

I have use this as follows according to the sample which couchbase provided:

func main() {
cluster, err := gocb.Connect(“couchbase://localhost”)
if err == nil {
} else {
fmt.Println(“connect error:”, err)
bucket, err := cluster.OpenBucket(“sessions”, “123456”)
//bucket, err := cluster.OpenBucket(“beer-sample”, “test”)
//bucket, err := cluster.OpenBucket(“default”, “”)
if err == nil {
} else {
fmt.Println(“open error:”, err)

//bucket.Manager("", “”).CreatePrimaryIndex("", true, false)

Id: “kingarthur”,
Email: "",
Interests: []string{“Holy Grail”, “African Swallows”},
}, 10)

// Get the value back
var inUser User
bucket.Get(“u:kingarthur”, &inUser)
fmt.Printf(“User: %v\n”, inUser)

It produce the following response:

open error: failed to connect to any of the specified hosts


open error: failed to connect to any of the specified hosts

When I use the default or beer-sample like couchbase type bucket, it works fine.


Hey @billychb,

I will investigate this tomorrow morning. It looks like we may have accidentally caused a regression with Memcached buckets in the Go SDK. I have opened an issue to track this in the meantime:

P.S. Would you be able to confirm which Go SDK version you are using?

Cheers, Brett


My env:

Go version: 1.8.3
Couchbase SDK version: should be 1.2.3, but I am in master branch.


I just tried 1.2.2, with gocbcore.v6, same result.


Hi Brett,

Any improvement?


Hi Brett,

Another week past.


Hi Brett,

Why the JIRA said can not reproduce??