Don't see login screen when attempting to use the User Profile sample


I am new to CouchBase Mobile. I have used some other parts of CouchBase before for storing documents. Anyways, for learning, I was following the User Profile Sample to see what happened. Upon opening the project in Android Studio, I encountered several unexpected things compared to the directions on this page:

  1. Android Studio popped a message in the lower right talking about Configurations ( I don’t have the exact message anymore ). I clicked Configure as it was the only option available.
  2. Then, Android Studio added the drop down where I could select an emulator to run the project on. However, upon hovering over that drop down, it told me that any emulator was “Not applicable for the” < file path > " build.gradle configuration". So, I could not select an emulator is the point.
  3. So, I decided to skip that and see what happened. With the build.gradle configuration selected, when I went to the “Build” option from the menu in Android Studio like the instructions say, I was not sure what option to choose. I could make a module, I could generate a signed bundle, I could make an apk and some others.
  4. So, I skipped all of that also and clicked on the green play button, which is what I typically do to run some of our other apps normally. This ran successfully as it said BUILD SUCCESSFUL in the log output. But, it did nothing on the emulator. I did not see the app open. Therefore, there was no login screen like the instructions said. It seemed like it did not actually run anything. All that it looked like it did was download something and then tell me the build was successful.

So, with all of this said, what am I missing so that I can run the application as stated in the above link for the sample project?


We will need the error messages that popped up to provide any meaningful guidance. Try it again and try and grab the screenshots
Specifically what version of Android Studio and Gradle plugin are you using?