Having a cluster with 4 data nodes, bucket with 1 replica, and transaction durability set to MAJORITY, and 1 failed-over node, we are facing below exception:

HTTP 500 Internal Server Error: Transaction failed: Transaction has failed with cause 'com.couchbase.client.core.error.DurabilityImpossibleException: With the current cluster configuration, the requested durability guarantees are impossible {“clientContext”:


Increasing replica to 2 seems to have solved the issue. We are guessing setting durability to NONE might do the trick too, but this does not seem to be a reasonable setting, right?

What are the guidelines regarding this error with our current architecture?

We understand in case we have 2 failed-over nodes and 2 replicas we will face the error again? so requesting 3 number of replicas, being the max number possible, is it a recommended option? what other guidelines can we follow?

Please find screenshot attached:

Thanks in advance

This is a physical limitation of needing enough nodes to do the replication, and it seems like you have this figured out. When a node fails it should be replaced as soon as possible. If you are experiencing multiple simultaneous failed-over nodes, you should consider hosting your servers elsewhere. Three replicas is not supported with Durability.Majority ( Durability | Couchbase Docs )

One thing you could consider - depending on the importance of the data - is having your application retry the operation with less or no replication. This will only help if the bucket has a lower replication.

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In addition to what Michael says above, you are correct - this isn’t a supported setting for transactions as without durability you no longer have ACID guarantees.

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