Effect of document expiration on referencing documents


Does Couchbase document expiration affect documents which reference the expired document ? E.g. in the “Modeling documents for retrieval” section of the documentation at (http://docs.couchbase.com/couchbase-devguide-2.0/#modeling-documents-for-retrieval), there are crater documents which reference asteroid documents as follows:

“crater_id” : “crater1”,
“on_asteroid” : “asteroidA”

Now, if the document with ID “asteroidA” were to expire, would that affect this record for crater1?


Hi there, this isn’t done auto-magically.
One way could be to set up the same expiration for both documents. You do need to keep track of ‘referencing’ and ‘referenced by’ through views etc. and as you update an existing document you can traverse the relationships to update other documents in the relationship tree.
would that work for your applications logic?