Elastic search XDCR error


I’m having an issue creating a XDCR to Elasticsearch.

I’m getting the following error on Couchbase:


[xdcr:error,2014-11-04T13:23:14.796,ns_1@couchbase002:<0.8335.2272>:xdc_vbucket_rep:terminate:489]Replication (CAPI mode) `434c41fc737b38b9a374a08085553abf/adepteo/adepteo` (`adepteo/620` -> `http://*****@`) failed: {http_request_failed,"POST", "http://adepteo:*****@", {error,{code,503}}}


[couchdb:info,2014-11-04T13:04:05.135,ns_1@couchbase002:<0.2898.2275>:couch_log:info:41]Retrying POST request to http://adepteo:*****@172. 16.2.169:9091/adepteo%2f461/_revs_diff in 0.5 seconds due to error {code,503}

Couchbase bucket has about 133K items in it, Elastic search gets about 90K. These errors seem to repeat a fill up the logs rapidly. No errors log on Elastic search machine.

I am using a custom ES template.

Any help is much appreciated.



I experienced exactly the same problem and opened an issue on the github project.
Have you found a solution?