Erlang/OTP still off the supported Client SDK list for Couchbase server


Dear Couchbase,
i am writing as well as requesting on behalf of the growing Erlang/OTP community. Please re-consider and assign resources to have an officially supported Erlang client to the amazing Database - Couchbase.

The Erlang community is still glued to CouchDB as well as old versions of your system (Membase, and/or Couchbase 1.x). We are in trouble because we are failing to catch up with the newest releases of couchbase server.

REST API would be good, if the latest releases of the database would allow the CRUD operations to be performed via those means.

Please provide reasons why ? and how the Erlang client is not/can be on the client SDK list of the couchbase server from 2.0 to date. Erlang is a language with a big community now !