ERR_MIXED_MODE in eventing function resume


I have a 3 node cluster with couchbase 6.6.2 enterprise edition. All three nodes have the eventing service enabled an run an eventing function.
Now I want to upgrade my cluster to version 7.1.1, I thought I can simply upgrade one node to version 7.1.1 so I removed node 3, upgraded it to 7.1.1 and joined it to the cluster, so far all good.
I noticed that my eventing function was stopped after I added node 3. I tried to resume it and got this error message:

resume failed: {“name”:“ERR_MIXED_MODE”,“code”:46,“description”:“Life-cycle operations except delete and undeploy are not allowed in a mixed mode cluster”}

This leads me to the conclusion that a rolling update from 6.6.2 to 7.1.1 is not possible with “running” functions. I have to upgrade all nodes to 7.1.1 then I can resume my function, right?

Faris Ahmed


This behaviour doesn’t sound right, typically the Eventing functions should be able to continue to run and “mixed mode” will only prevent new features in Eventing in the newer versions from running. So in order to use collections, etc. in 7.1.X you will need to have all nodes at the same higher revision.

Now as t why your function “undeployed” (you said stopped) during your upgrade I will ping engineering on this (it might be the shift form buckets to collections but I don’t think we planned a forced undeploy) and get you a definitive answer. In the meantime you could take a “cbcollect_info” on all of your Eventing nodes and open a support ticket.


Jon Strabala
Principal Product Manager - Server‌

Hi Jon,

My eventing function was not undeployed it was stopped. Resume was not possible. Also creating a new function was not possible. In both cases I received the above error message.

I will collect the logs and open a support ticket. I agree with you that this issue is most probably related to the new scope and collection features in 7.1.x

Faris Ahmed

We were unable to reproduce as such would really like to get your cbcollect_info captures uploaded.