Error: #include <libcouchbase/couchbase.h> - Python Couchbase


I have a legacy app and I’m trying to run it again, it uses couchbase SDK version 3.6.12, but I’m facing this error:

I also made this tutorial from stackoverflow:

I would like a solution, because the python version I have is 3.7.

I didn’t find anything about it in the couchbase docs, and also there is no support tab for it (which I think is very bad of you, the legacy apps from the beginning of couchbase were left aside?)

I am using a macbook pro m2 chip environment

Hi @Christiangns,

I do not see a Couchbase Python SDK version 3.6.12 in the docs Couchbase Python SDK Release Notes and Archives | Couchbase Docs

In python 3.x SDK, you would not need to install libcouchbase manually. The requirements for the 3.x SDK are listed here

Regarding the support offered for Couchbase products, this is our support policy Enterprise Software Support Policy | Couchbase