Error while using Elasticsearch plugin


I get the following error while exporting to Elasticsearch using the transport plugin. What could be the issue?

CapiNozzle 2016-01-15T06:49:01.874Z [ERROR] batchUpdateDocs for vb 369 failed with err Received malformed response from tcp connection vb=369. err=unexpected EOF, num_bytes=300, res_buf={HTTP/1.1 500 MapperParsingException[object mapping for [meta] tried to parse field [null] as object, but got EOF, has a concrete value been provided to it?]

I am using the default template that came with the transport plugin. Since the error seems to be in the Meta field, could it still be because of my data?

Error while using transport plugin for Elasticsearch

@geraldss, @davido would either of you know what is happening here? Thank you in advance.



Hi @ssingaram - what version of ES, Couchbase, and the Couchbase Transport Plugin for ES are you using? -Will


In additon to what Will asked, what sort of documents do you have in your Couchbase bucket? Are any of them not JSON (binary/strings)?


Thanks for the replies.

Elasticsearch version is 1.7.3
Couchbase : 4.1.0-4908
Transport plugin : I am not sure how to find it but I downloaded it 2 weeks ago only.

Couchbase has only normal JSON documents. No binaries.



The plugin version number should be in the zip file name, like this: