Exception DocumentNotFound


I just upgrade to 3.2 sdk, and i found a weird behavior. Now you are mainly using exception to return value. I do understand that change. But exception, is quite heavy in term of performance and must be used in “Exception case”. I do think that in the case of Lookup and Exist: the fact that a document do not exist is a common case and not an exception.

I did a patch in a copy of the code from the git hub. By not throwing an exception in those case, and returning a GetResult null increase the performance of our real life code by 30%.

It will be amazing to have an options in the lookup to ask to not throw exception in case of key not found but instead a null result.

More the exist function will gain a lot also by not throwing the exception for catching it right after.

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My lazy test in the code:

Cluster Node:

if ((op.OpCode == OpCode.Get || op.OpCode == OpCode.MultiLookup) && status == ResponseStatus.KeyNotFound)
throw status.CreateException(ctx, op);

And in the GetAsync in couchbase collection:

if (!lookupOp.GetSuccess())
return null;

        return new GetResult(lookupOp.ExtractBody(), lookupOp.Transcoder, _getLogger, specs, projectList)
            Id = lookupOp.Key,
            Cas = lookupOp.Cas,
            OpCode = lookupOp.OpCode,
            Flags = lookupOp.Flags,
            Header = lookupOp.Header,
            Opaque = lookupOp.Opaque,                


Hi @davidall - yes, this is something we are considering for situations like you have described.