Expiry "hook" for archiving

Is it somehow possible to hook the document expiration event so I can archive the document being deleted in an external storage system?

Let me further explain my question.

I have two buckets with time series values documents. A HOT bucket will keep more recent docs and have too much activity (constant doc changes and reindexing). A COLD buckets will hold older, frozen docs.
HOT docs should not expire and be discarded. Intead, expiration should move doc from HOT to COLD. I was wondering if I could define TTL to docs in HOT bucket and hook the expiration event so I can (re)create the doc in the COLD bucket.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this using the expiration mechanism of Couchbase?

Did you find a solution to this?

We have a solution for this exact use-case in the next release for Couchbase Server (i.e., 5.5). Stay tuned.

Do take it for a spin and let us know what you think : https://blog.couchbase.com/eventing/