Fail on LIKE query while document contain "\n"



This is my document in DB
“msgCd”: “Test”,
“contents”: [
“langCd”: “en-US”,
“content”: “Introduction: \n “Triple Faces” is a kind of Chinese traditional leisure.”
“langCd”: “ja-JP”,
“content”: null

This is my query
SELECT msgCd, contents FROM mcms where any content in mcms.contents satisfies content.content LIKE “%Introduction%” END

How even it returns no record to me.
It only works if I change it from “%Introduction%” to “%Introduction%\n%”

How can I solve this problem ?

LIKE search with wildcard seems to be breaking on '-'

Which version are you using? This was a known bug ( that AFAIK is fixed in 4.5.

For earlier versions, use the REGEX_LIKE() function instead.


I am sorry that I forgot to mention which library I am using.
I am developing a C# program with the CouchbaseNetClient library version 2.3.5

From the information that provided.
Seems it is not fixed in v4.5, and it is unresolved.

I tried the below REGEXP, and still no document that contains “\n” return, would you please help ?
any content in mcms.contents satisfies REGEXP_LIKE(content.content, ‘(.*)Introduction(.*)’ ) END


Do you want a case sensitive match? Or case-insensitive?

For your example of a single string, it’s simplest to use:


Or, for case-insensitive: