Failed to delete clusters and clouds

Hi, there.

All resources used to link the couchbase cloud to your aws account have been deleted.
Therefore, it is not currently accessible from couchbase cloud to aws cloud, and cluster and cloud deletion operations are not available.
In this case, deleting clouds and clusters from the couchbase cloud will fail.

Is there any way to solve this case?

Hi @sian,

Yes, it is possible to delete clouds and clusters from CBC UI when the underlying infrastructure has been deleted manually.
Could you please share your cloud and cluster ID over this email address so that we can take a look and help you out with this issue? Please make sure to send the email using your registered email ID with Couchbase Cloud.

Additionally, I would like to mention that we always recommend to delete cloud/clusters via CBC UI to have a clean deletion of resources and avoid any of such issues. Please refer to the below documents for more info:

Hope this information helps.

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