Feasible to create a new Sync Gateway user for each mobile device?


I am building a system where Android users install my app, then they enroll in my backend service.
On the backend I have a process that uses the Sync Gateway’s admin API to create SG username/pw accounts for each new mobile device that wants to enroll.

Is it a typical use case to create so many SG user accounts (one per mobile device, in my case thousands) ?
Can you recommend a way for me to purge stale SG user accounts, after a user uninstalls my app ? I could look through the sync_gateway logs, and find accounts that have not been used for a while, but that seems tedious.


Yes, the expected use case is that each mobile user has their own account in Sync Gateway.

We don’t have a way to automatically remove accounts. The determination that an account is obsolete is pretty dependent on the details of your service, so we leave that up to you.


Thank you for the quick answer. Rainer.