Feature suggestion: eventing service, function deploying status


By experimenting with eventing functions I noticed one REST API endpoint is missing/misconfigured.

Whenever you create a function, there is no actual way to see if that function is in the process of deploying (bootstrapping), or undeploying. When calling GET /api/v1/functions, the returned tuple deployment_status/processing_status is always returning the final result of the process (true if the final status is function deployed, false otherwise), but not the current status (if deployment_status is true, there should be a field telling us that the function is being bootstrapped and not yet active).

Is this an actual lack of the feature, or did I just miss it somewhere else?



There is an endpoint that is not published with this information yet. Once we support the REST APIs in Eventing for all Lifecycle operations, this will be addressed along with it : MB-30827


Sounds good! Will wait for it!


Tagging @gautham.banasandra - we just discussed adding an /api/v1/list call for the current actual status of all functions as you indicate @cmaster11 and request for an update from @gautham.banasandra when this is available which should not be too long from now.



Sorry for the late response. We have added a REST API to get the Function’s status -

GET /api/v1/status will respond back with a JSON as follows -

    "apps": [
            "name": "bucket-op",
            "composite_status": "undeployed",
            "num_deployed_nodes": 0,
            "deployment_status": false,
            "processing_status": false
    "num_eventing_nodes": 3

The field composite_status represents the state of the Function. It can have one of the following values - undeployed, deploying, deployed, undeploying.


Thank you for the info! That’s really cool, it makes life a lot easier.

Nice job!