Fetch after save



I have a small problem with couchbase/graphql/redux…not sure if is something wrong on my side or not…when I run a request to my api from redux, I wait the response, and I immediately fetch my new result I get an empty object…after 200ms I get the result…I doing something wrong?


Hi @francesco.venica,

Are you using N1QL to fetch the new result? If so, you should look into Scan Consistency. You don’t say which SDK/language you are using, but here’s the documentation for .NET: https://docs.couchbase.com/dotnet-sdk/2.7/scan-consistency-examples.html

The SDKs by default use “NotBounded” as a scan consistency. This is the option for best performance, but in the cases where you need to read your own write immediately, you should check out RequestPlus and AtPlus options.


cool, now I try that one!

many thanks


More specifically, the SDKs don’t pass a scan consistency param unless specified by the app developer, and the query service is “not bounded” by default. Minor nit to pick, but could be worth mentioning for some-future-default-change.