Field-Level Encryption for Couchbase-Lite and Couchbase-Server

We need to encrypt data at both the application and disk level. We need to sync data from Couchbase-Lite(android) to Couchbase-Server(Node SDK for application using it).
Couchbase-Lite can acomplish this with SQLCipher and the built in Android Disk Encryption. Couchbase-Server can acomplish this with field-level encryption and one of the supported disk encryption services.
Here’s where I’m lost. What do we need to do to ensure docs from Couchbase-Lite are encrypted at the field level when it’s saved to Couchbase-Server? Assuming it’s synced through Sync-Gateway.

At the moment, the field level encryption feature is not available on Couchbase Lite. @priya.rajagopal can probably help with any details on where this might be in the roadmap.

As @ingenthr mentioned, we do not support field level encryption at Couchbase lite end. It is not in our near term roadmap - a possible longer term consideration. Curious about your use case for this .
Also, what version of couchbase lite are you running ? We have moved away from SQLcipher in 2.x so assuming that you are still on 1.x ?

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We are using 1.4 for lite and 6.0 for server.
I understand that there is not field-level encryption at Couchbase-Lite. The question essentially is: Can I sync documents from couchbase lite 1.4 and server 6.0 if I want to use field level encryption on couchbase server?
The use case is that we have PII data stored inside Couchbase-Lite. This PII data needs to be synced to Couchbase-Server. We can’t just encrypt the entire docs though, because we need the efficiency of good querying. Just disk encryption is not enough either according to business requirements.

Bump - Following up. Is there a way to simulate field level encryption on mobile that would allow the .NET SDK to read/write same on server side using the existing support in the SDK ?