Find the N1ql Query Error info shown in Dashboard

Hi Team,

I have attached a image below from dashboard of my couchbase setup for one hour and for a specific bucket.

Its showing errors at consistent times.
I checked the application log and not able to find these many errors. I need to understand this metric.
I want to understand how this graph is built to actually find out why it showing these many errors?
Also Where can I find the error logs from which this dashboard is built?

Is there any bucket similar to system:completed_requests where the errors are stored?
can you give me some pointers.?

Thanks in advance


look system:completed_requests on each node for status != “success”

Thanks for the reply.

Executed the query . DId not find any results.

That means it is not returned errors or it is rotated. Query service logs error statement in system:completed_requests and return as part of response (will not write into logs) cc @Marco_Greco