FTS, slow index after lots of deletes

A bucket contains 300k objects, all small to medium size.
Some of those objets are FTS’ed, all of them are not dynamic.

at some point i needed to change my data model for one of the. types so i deleted it (simple DELETE from bucket where type = ‘X’). Delete wen OK but it takes a long time for FTS to delete those objects from it index.
The count of deleted objects is around 120k’.
Looking at the FTS UI i can see that the percentage is above 100% (my case it became 124%) and slowly, but really slowly getting down. For FTS to catch all the deletions elapsed more than 2 hours!

It’s CB v6, 3 nodes, search service got 5.5 GB ram and the cluster is not loaded at all (its our staging env).

Any advise?



This certainly looks like a weird situation that warrants deeper inspection.
Can you please create a support ticket with the cbcollected (logs) information from the cluster?



Thanks for the quick response. It seems that it happens just on our STG env. When did that on prod, the indexers worked fluently.