Gateway Timeout error in Couchbase console

While querying in couchbase console, I am getting an error “Gateway Timeout Error. The query workbench only supports queries running for 300 seconds”.

I tried with restarting the couchbase server , compacting the buckets and increasing the cluster size but again after few minutes I am facing the same problem. Attached the screenshot for the same.

Please let me know what i need to do as this is urgent. We are not able to run any query.

Any suggestion for the above issue I faced? As I am stuck at doing very critical job.

I am running couchbase through docker container. This is a local environment with a single node.

But currently I am facing this error and all the micro-services are getting stopped with the error message : “unable to hit end point at couchbase url”.

This can be temporarily resolved by stopping and starting the docker container containing the couchbase by : docker stop <container_id> --stop container
docker start <container_id> --start container

But again after few hours, I am facing the same “Gateway Timeout error”. How can this be resoved permanently? Please suggest as I am stucked at a very critical point of development.

@esita.banerjee - The issue you are seeing is a limitation of the web UI only, it has nothing to do with the server.

For Couchbase 5.0 and after, there is a preferences dialog in the Query Workbench that lets you set the timeout value for queries.

For versions before 5.0, your best approach is to run queries from the ‘cbq’ command-line tool, which does not have a query timeout.

@eben - I am facing this error while I am connecting to micro-services which are hitting couchbase server. Even if I ignore the part of querying through couchbase console, I am trying to create checklist through micro-services for which queries are being hit from couchbase backend, still I am getting the same error : “unable to hit end point at couchbase url”. We have nothing to do with web UI.

@esita.banerjee - The gateway timeout error you showed in the first screen only comes from the UI. Can you tell me more about how you are issuing your queries from the microservices?

  • Are you issuing the queries via a REST call? Or are you using one of the SDKs?
  • If you are making REST calls, can you show the full response from the server?

My application has few micro-services which gets connected through couchbase. So when we started each micro-services, we got this connectivity error : “unable to hit end point at couchbase url”. Even after retrying it was throwing the same error.

Hi @esita.banerjee, can you tell me how your micro-services are connected to Couchbase. Are they making REST calls? Are they using one of the language SDKs?