General Bucket Analytics files generating every 120 seconds causing high cpu usage while writing

Hi all,

I’m locally experiencing high cpu spikes (erl.exe goes from 3-4% -> 25-45%) every 2 minutes and noticed that TMP files are created at this occurrance to Couchbase\Server\var\lib\couchbase\stats (stats_archiver-@files) (total of 66 files ranging from 1kB -> 28MB (.year.tmp-file) totalling of around 50MB).

Files are for General Bucket Analytics. Could the process be disabled or tuned down? I’ve been unlucky to find discussion about the performance of this history data gathering. Could this be win10 issue?

Running CB 4.6 DP with Win10 Enterprice locally. I had earlier 4.1 and 4.5 versions which acted the same way. I have 2 non-memcached buckets default/mircoservicesCache.

Lasse H