Get CasId without fetching value

To decrease network load, I need to get CAS only, without fetching value. This is nesessary because size of value sometimes is big enough to fetch it (~10-100K) and all I need is to understand is value changed or not.
Is there such API (or trick) in Couchbase Java SDK to get it? Currently I use couchbase-client 1.4.4.

Actually there is no simple way to get the CAS only - but very often there is no need to. Can you shed some more light on your use case and current approach? We’ll find you a proper solution.

I have a cache which filled with Customers. Medium size of values is ~10-100K, but some of Customers has size ~100K-1M. Customers have such field as Balance and sometimes I have to do some work if Balance crosses one of Thresholds. Our system is multithreaded and has a number of nodes which can receive from queue changes of Balance of the same Customer with delay in some seconds (not same balance - different ones). Sometimes Balance changes very often (every 1-10 sec). So I want to have inmemory cache for most active Customers (~ top 100K) in each node. And I want to understand when my cache is invalid. If I get a value with CasId - I can compare CasId, but value utilize network as well. As soon as Balance changes happens very often (~30-50K/sec) I need wider network than if I would have been allowed to get CasId only without value.

@dpozhidaev I see, it makes sense. Also the view meta doesn’t provide the cas so it also doesn’t work that way. I think I have an idea but let me verify that first with the right guys.

I’ll get back to you once i know more.