getIndexStatus failed error


I am using Couchbase Server Version: 4.5.1-2845 Community Edition (build-2845) and I have a lot of logs in my error.log file.
Here is the log that appears a lot :

[ns_server:error,2018-01-20T23:48:56.024+01:00,ns_1@<0.362.0>:index_rest:get_json:42]Request to (indexer) failed: {error,

Is this normal?
If not, is there something I can do?


@vvdc, are you using GSI Index service in your cluster? It looks like the indexer process has trouble bootstrapping. You can check in indexer.log for any errors.

Hi deepkaran

I have not created any indexes.

I just check indexer.log file and there are only INFO level logs, no errors.


@vvdc, you can share your indexer.log here and we can take a look. Most common reason for this error is if communication port is not accessible. Details here.

Thanks Deepkaran

It seems to solve the problem