Getting error with installing Couchbase's PHP SDK on Mac 10.113.4


While trying to install couchbase’s php sdk, I am getting this error Error: No available formula with the name "homebrew/php/php70-couchbase". I am following this link brew update and then brew install libcouchbase is working fine but when I run the command brew install homebrew/php/php70-couchbase I am getting that error. I have tried with php 5.6, 7.0.x, 7.1.x and 7.2.x, and none did work. My Mac is 10.13.14 High Sierra. What is the wrong I am doing?


Seems like homebrew project has changed their infrastructure

could you try just run?

pecl install couchbase


Try a

brew update

and then

brew search couchbase

to see what is available on your system


Just libcouchbase is found… and the other message is caskroom/cask/couchbase-server-community caskroom/cask/couchbase-server-enterprise ==> Searching blacklisted, migrated and deleted formulae...


Does php from homebrew install pecl executable? If so you can just install the extension from the main repository on

pecl install couchbase


I did try installing with pecl command and didn’t work last times… What!!! Now it worked!!! After 3 days! Thanks a lot!!! I think last time I messed up by installing too many php versions! It worked at last. Thanks again!


Depends on how PHP was installed. If you used brew to install PHP you can (or used to) be able to specify --with-pear to include that as well.

Otherwise PECL and PEAR are separate installs.


Yes, I did install php with homebrew. Thanks for the help!


You are welcome. For the next PHP extension release I will revisit guides and update with current steps. Thanks for bringing this


Loved to hear that I could be of some help for the Couchbase!