Go2.0 alpha release sdk docs


I am trying to access 2.0 docs and wondering if there is any info around that. fyi…I have a 6.x and 4.x clusters and 1.6 sdk had issues connecting to 6.x cluster with RBAC implementation. however, 2.x sdk was able to connect to both 4.x & 6.x clusters. also, if there is any info around alpha docs as i was looking to get info around getting all the key info within a bucket as well


Hi @chakri_v the Go SDK 2.0 docs are at https://docs.couchbase.com/go-sdk/2.0/hello-world/start-using-sdk.html they’re still a work in progress so bear with us and any feedback would be great :). I see that you posted another post about the keys question which has been answered so I hope that you have that one sorted out.

What issues are you seeing connecting to a 6.x cluster from the 1.6 SDK? That should work fine.

thanks for sharing it. figured its still work in progress…i did post for keys in a separate post but looks like its n1q1 and our configs don’t have n1q1 and we intend not to use n1q1 and wondering if there is a way to grab info without n1q1


Hi @chakri_v, there isn’t a way to get all keys with KV. What is the usecase that you are trying to solve? You could also get all keys using views.