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@jamiltz admin port 4985 not working as like 4984 how can i know or configure my admin port.


Look at the config file. If you don’t see a line configuring the admin interface, it defaults to port 4985.


Jens, i seen config file, but there is no admin interface, so i tried to call www.myipaddress:4985/ on browser, its nothing happen. but when i try to do www.myipaddress:4984/ its showing follow json response.
couchdb: “Welcome”,
vendor: {
name: “Couchbase Sync Gateway”,
version: 1
version: “Couchbase Sync Gateway/HEAD(nobranch)(86f028c)”

4985 is admin port, i don’t know what is the problem.


By default the admin interface only accepts connections from the same host, not over the network. So you’d have to connect from the machine SG is running on, using the url http://localhost:5984.


Just to be clear I think that was meant to be 4985, not 5984.