HHVM (Hip Hop php server) driver

Please add Couchbase driver in to HHVM on git hub. HHVM must faster then simple php.

Thanks that;s good feedback, can you comment ? @brett19

Hey @brett19 or @tgreenstein, can you comment on HHVM? As I recall correctly, there was some prototyping but we have no current plans for a release. You can probably give some more info though.

Hey Guys,

HHVM provides an absolutely beautiful interface to write extensions against, however it is limited to HHVM. This means that we would need to build and maintain a completely separate project from php-couchbase to support Couchbase on HHVM. There are wrapper libraries such as PHP-CPP which provide a common interface for both PHP and HHVM, but due to the use of C++11, it would somewhat restrict our platform support. Due to these reasons, we decided against providing an HHVM-compatible extension at this time, though if there is enough developer interest in a HHVM extension, we will definitely revisit this decision.

Cheers, Brett

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Good day brett19,
I think if from Couchbase side will be developed Couchbase extension for HHVM and you contact to HHVM developers he will add souce code of extension to HHVM sources. In my last project I want use Couchbase but on server are installed HHVM - and thats a problem, so I must use slow simple php to use Couchbase.

And also like I know HHVM developers make a lot of changes in simple PHP sources from 5.3 version, so if Couchbase planing to provide PHP extension(driver)

Good day,
If any progreess in HHVM+Couchbase solution?

Not at the moment. Do you know any community HHVM developers who might like to collaborate on a prototype? That might be a good way to get going. Maybe you are just such a person?

There is a roadmap for support couchbase into HHVM?