How can I view what a view's map function emits for a single document?


I would like to be able to look at the output of a view’s map function for a specific document to assist in view development/testing/debugging. Seems like simple thing, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Is this possible?


Try querying using the following params. This will have to be done on the full dataset to ensure that you get an accurate result.



You can query a specific key from a view via the key parameter. Somthing like this works in node.js for example but it will be similar in all other SDKs

var options = { key: "bla" } var query = bucket.view("test", "foo", options) query.query(function (err, results) { if(err) console.log(err) console.log(results) })


Specifying a value for key returns all values for the given key.

I’m trying to get all key/values emitted by the map function for a single document /em>.

Specifying startkey_docid and endkey_docid seems like the way to go, but any values I supply seem to be ignored.

For example, the two URLs below give the results:



If I understand right what you want to do I fear that startkey_docid is not the option you want, for more explanation about this parameter I can refer you to this post. Those parameters work in conjuction with startkey and so forth to make pagination work.

I think the easiest way to take a look at what kind of keys are generated is to move the document to a bucket and copy the map reduce functions over as well and look what kind of indicies are created. Also whenever you are in doubt on how a specific url to query should look like you can use the webinterface to build the query you want and copy the URL as it is linked.