How can I write a N1QL


How can I write a N1QL queries which uses Local Index (MapReduce Views ). I could not find any useful link. Please help me.


You cannot use manually created views with N1QL queries.
There is a deprecated way to create simple indexes USING VIEW;

What’s your view definition?


I was just trying out Local and Global indexes with CB. Then I realised that local indexes can be created using queries or through the Couchbase management UI using the “ADD VIEW” button under Indexes Tab( Couchbase CE 5.1.0). But when I create a View using “ADD VIEW” method I can not use them in the N1QL queries. So what is the use of these created VIEWS ? Am I missing some other benefits/functionalities this Views going to give me ?

What’s your view definition?
I am starting a new Project and I was playing with Couchbase Views. No specific View Definition.



Views are used directly execute from SDKs. cc @Siri
Views :

If you are using new project you should explore N1QL+GSI index.