How do I get Couchbase running on Heroku?


I’m building a Facebook game in Flash. Right now, it’s running on a regular server and I’m storing data in a MySQL database and accessing it via php. I just moved it to Heroku for scalability, and after doing my research, it’s looking like Couchbase is a lot more appropriate for me to use. So how do I get Couchbase running on Heroku? It’s not listed as an add-on. Memcache is, though. But that’s not what I need, right? Or do I have to have my own dedicated server and install Couchbase manually (probably outside the scope of my resources and abilities)?

Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Also, I’m posting this in the 1.8.x forum, but maybe I want to use the 2.0 dev release?



Good meeting you the other day. Hopefully I answered your questions in person? But for others who happen upon this post, I’ll mention a couple of things…

There is a Heroku Memcached add on available. More information can be found at This add on is based on a Couchbase distro of Memcached. However, only transient persistence (caching) is supported by the add on. Couchbase buckets (necessary for persistent storage) are not supported via Heroku.

– John