How do I use Sync Gateway with Couchbase Cloud?

I’d like to use Couchbase for a project where I have many edge devices (Linux computers) that need to read and write to a shared database. Couchbase’s Sync Gateway seems like a good solution for this, but I’m unclear on how I would have to set this up.

Here is what I’d like to do:

  • use Couchbase Cloud to store the persistent database
  • access the contents of this database on several edge devices that may not always have an internet connection. When they’re offline, the should still be able to read the (last synced state of the) DB and write to it, with the writes synced once the internet connection comes back. The edge devices will be connected to the internet through a home internet connection (i.e. NAT, no static IP)
  • the reading and writing on the edge devices will be done using the Python SDK or the C++ SDK

Here are my questions:

  1. Can I use Sync Gateway with Couchbase Cloud? I only see references to Couchbase Server in the Sync Gateway documentation and I was not able to follow the setup instructions in the Couchbase Cloud dashboard
  2. Where do I need to install the Sync Gateway?
    a) on the cloud?
    b) on each edge device?
    “On the cloud” seems to make most sense to me, wich each edge device talking to that gateway.
  3. Can I set up Couchbase Cloud to provide a Sync Gateway or do I have to run this on my own server?
  4. I want to interact with the DB using the Python/C++ SDK. The Sync Gateway documentation only mentions the Couchbase Lite / mobile SDKs as endpoints. Does it matter what I use? I would expect that the Sync Gateway just talks to a Couchbase DB instance on the edge device. Is that correct?

Thanks for your help.

Couchbase Cloud does not yet support Couchbase Sync Gateway, however there are plans to support it in the future. But you can deploy Couchbase Server and Sync gateway in a self managed cloud environment. As you’ve noted, Couchbase solution should be a very good fit for the use case.
There are several questions in your post that are outside of “how do I use Sync Gateway with Couchbase Cloud” .
Can you please create a new post in “mobile” category with your non-Couchbase Cloud related questions and one of us on the Sync Gateway / Couchbase Lite products will pick it up from there.