How should I use dll in Third party?


To use Couchbase dll, I just have to import it in My project.(I am using something else than C)
In that case have the possibility of using a classe

Lets take the case of delphi, how should define Options for lcb_create, Instance. The structure I find in the code does not help me.
Normaly, I would have just load de the dll, call the function with correct parameters.
But I have error 7,
Can some one came to help.
The details on the functiosn are very poor.


I’ve never used libcouchbase from another language than C on Windows, so I can’t comment on that part, but all of the different functions in libcouchbase are documented in manual pages (I don’t know the format used on Windows, but you should be able to read the text files at (the ones with a .txt suffix)

Hope that helps.


Where you able to solve your issue with Trond’ suggestion?