How to configure multiple filters in one mapping rule using XDCR migration mode

I am planning to upgrade to CB7.1 and migrate single bucket to multiple scopes and collections.
when I choose “use migration mode” in XDCR, I can only specify 1 filter. I get error when add 2 filters (see attached screenshot). my purpose is to migration documents with “tID = 1111” and “type = Study” to collection.


The keyword “and” should be all caps… “AND”.
Or you can use ‘&&’ as well.

When “and” is used:

When “AND” is used:

Hi Neil,

Thanks for your response. “AND” is working.

if I configure multiple mappings to different collection at the same time, like:
“tID = 1111” and “type = Study” =>
“tID = 1111” and “type = User” => cust1.user

Does XDCR copy document to different collections in parallel or sequential?