How to create two servers on the same PC?


On the web console, in the “servers” page, a yellow warning is written “At least two servers is required for replication”.

How do I create another server on the same PC?

I use Couchbase Server 6.0.0 community edition on Windows 10


@vanilla You need to have another machine and set up the Couchbase server and start the replication. Is there a specific use case you are trying to solve?


@vanilla … if you can get docker and kubernetes on your machine you can use Couchbase’s Autonomous Operator 1.2 to have a small 3 node cluster. NOTE remember its ultimately a VM so if your laptop is not that powerful don’t give the Kubernetes cluster more virtual CPU then you have real CPU.



@raju, I have an app for iOS and Android that uses Couchbase Lite,
I’d like to add replication feature to it, It seems that I cannot purchase Couchbase Lite Enterprise Edition because Couchhbase does not support Iraq, the country I live in.

So, by using Couchbase Server and requiring 2 PC would be a big effort for customers of my app.


@househippo, it seems Couchbase’s Autonomous Operator is not free and it is Enterprise, and Couchbase corporation does not do business with Iraq, the country I live in. In fact, when I try to download a Couchbase product, like Couchbase Server community edition, I get blocked an a white page appears says “You’re country is blocked from accessing…”, so I had to use VPN to change my IP location.